"Alex Branning isn't just a professional in his industry, he knows how to make complicated technology easy to understand and implement" - Alex Barclay
Free Book: How to Grow Your Business on Pinterest
Learn my proven system to generate leads and grow your business in only 8 (!!) minutes per day on Pinterest!
What Is This Book About?
Pinterest will bring you a massive increase in your business, help you build your brand, and create a long-term, recurring lead generation platform for your business. In this book I am going to be teaching you about how to market yourself on Pinterest. You are about to embark on a new opportunity, and you will generate a lot of leads on Pinterest by following my plan.

You're going to learn how to find your prospects, what to do to turn them into leads, how to use Pinterest to grow your business (outside of making more sales) and a lot of creative ideas that will bring prospects to you! Depending on your industry you may only be able to sell to local customers, and I will teach you how to find those local customers.

"When it comes to digital marketing and knowledge of how to tap into social media to grow your business, no one compares to Alex Branning and the Branning Group. I've personally struggled in finding ways to utilize Pinterest to gain more exposure and get more clients for my business. In his new book, Alex has tactfully removed all of the guess work so I can go forward with much more certainty knowing that the time invested in using Pinterest for marketing will be time well spent." - Brian Kelly
Why is the book free?
I have a limited number of copies of the book that I am giving away, and then after that I will be selling them for $11.95 each. I want you to read it, fall in love with it, review it on Amazon, and tell your friends about it!
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  • People to Invite Spreadsheet
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  • Add a Pin Checklist
  • ...and more!
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying About Alex Branning:
"Alex Branning and the Branning Group make online marketing simple.  He is always ahead of the curve to provide me with vision on the next step in the online world. Dream Builders Solutions would not be where it is without him. Thanks Alex."
- Nick Bravo

"I have worked with Alex on many projects and each time I learn more and more. This guy is the REAL deal! Make money for your business and be on the front line of thought leaders. Alex and his team are simply the best helping businesses make more money and saving time in the process!"
- Casey Eberhart
"Alex Branning is a tech & marketing expert. He has worked on my website, provided Pinterest feedback and through his webinars I have learned new marketing techniques. I highly recommend Alex for any and all of your marketing needs."
- Alan Caine
"One of the BEST! His information is dead on! VERY very inspiring!" - Heidi Anne
You will receive the 84-page paperback version of this book
Pinterest is one of the most unique, powerful, and engaging platforms that’s ever been created. The ability to find content from anywhere around the world and “pin” it to a digital corkboard is brilliant in both its simplicity and flexibility. 

The creators of Pinterest continue to improve the platform to ease the process of finding and sharing content. I believe that Pinterest has set the tone and raised the standard for our online bookmarking.

The question is: how do you take advantage of its immense power to help grow your business? 

My book will show you exactly how to do that, and my worksheets will give you the tools you need to keep track of your progress. 

I look forward to hearing your success stories as you follow the plans I’ve laid out in this book!

See ya soon,
Alex Branning

Here's What You'll Learn From "How to Grow Your Business on Pinterest"
  • The "REPIN" system: my proven Pinterest strategy to set up a long-term lead generation strategy 
  • I lay out the first 30 days game plan at the end of this book. There's no guessing, no twiddling, no confusion...just follow my plan and take action! 
  • WAIT! You've been on Pinterest for a long time but don't know if you can use that profile to build a business? I answer that question in the book. The answer is YES YOU CAN and I talk about strategies to turn the conversation to your business without sounding "sales-y" 
  • ...and SO MUCH MORE! I've shown self-described "Pinterest Experts" my book and they have been BLOWN AWAY by the simplicity and power of the REPIN system! 
I have 4 more FREE bonuses for you when you request your free book! 
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